How to expand your international business in a clever and cost effective way

Posted by Maaike Voeten on Dec 15, 2016 12:34:00 PM

You might recognize this..
You want to grow your company's business and accelerate sales. Not just in your home market, but internationally. Where you and your executives don’t know the culture or language. And where you don't have existing customers or even contacts yet.

And even though you don't have a sky high budget for this, you would have liked to start your international market development activities yesterday rather than today.

So what are you going to do?
Set up a local office and hire your own staff?  Invest time and resources in ramping up? Or consider a cost effective alternative and be smart like Jim?




Expand your business internationally whilst focusing on what you do best
Work with Aexus' expert team of business development professionals for your European market expansion without losing focus on what you do best: developing and maintaining great solutions and keeping your customers happy.

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Assess the potential of your organization
Would you like to assess the potential for your offering in Europe (or specific geographies, verticals or segments)? Define the scope for a market screening tailored to your needs right now:
Get a free market screening



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Maaike Voeten

Maaike is Aexus' Managing Director. She is passionate about sales related stuff and loves cooking good food and watching blockbusters.

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